Walk for the Wild Things, Tofino Style

Locals came together on November 30th to mark their concern for vanishing wildlife as part of an international series of events (see website: https://onca.org.uk/2018/11/20/some-of-us-did-not-die/ )
In Tofino the event was marked by a walk from South Chesterman Beach to Frank Island, a reflective opportunity to challenge the creative mind to act with hope in our commitment to nature.




The walk was followed by a beach fire at which Pacific Rim National Park warden Tanya Dowdall shared information about locally endangered species and the need for all of us to keep pushing for better and setting examples of excellence for others to follow.
Poet Sherry Marr reflected on the event with this poem: https://stardreamingwithsherrybluesky.blogspot.com/2018/11/in-remembrance-of-lost-species.html

Locally endangered species identified by the park include:
Basking Shark
Edwards’ Beach Moth
Southern Resident Killer Whale
Northern Abalone
Pink Sand Verbena
Sand Verbena Moth
Red Knot
Seaside Centipede Lichen

It is significant that the list of threatened and endangered species in Canada is many pages long.
Thanks to Toby Theriault for the photographs

Your feedback is welcome. I’m seeking ways to make this event more inclusive and meaningful in future years.