2022-2024 Tofino Poet Laureate

2022-2024 Term is May 2022-April 2022

Tofino Poet Laureate Scope of Service

The following outlines the minimum scope of the Poet Laureate’s duties over the course of their term. Requests for adaptations can be made as they relate to external circumstances beyond the Poet’s control.

  1. Write and present a minimum of 3 poems per year that give voice to community events, issues, and values. The Poet Laureate may, at their discretion, write poems at the request of Council and the community.
  2. Present poetry at a minimum of 2 civic events per year.
  3. Promote the literary arts through a minimum of 3 public events. Example of events and topics include, but are not limited to:
  • school workshops
  • encouraging youth engagement in poetry
  • giving feedback and encouragement to emerging and local writers;
  • participating in public poetry events I.e. a poetry month celebration or a reading of favorite poems by members of the community
  • establishing a reading series of other poets
  • Specific projects involve the larger community, such as uniting children with community elders, so that the children can write poems that speak of the elders’ experience.
  1. The Poet Laureate will be encouraged to engage through the Tofino Poet Laureate Program’s existing social media channels and website by creating their own unique online presence. The program will be happy to assist the Poet Laureate with posting and promotion on behalf of Poet Laureate as requested.   

Social media channels include:@TofinoPoetLaureate (Facebook & Instagram)
@TofinoPoet (Twitter)Tofino Poet Laureate Honorarium: $5000 per year