Walk For The Wild Things

Walk from South Chesterman Beach to Frank Island to raise awareness of threatened and extinct animals as part of the International Remembrance Day for Lost Species.

Join a beach fire afterwards to hear and share local stories, updates and sentiments.
Children may want to dress as a favourite creature, or bring their favourite stuffed animal.

This walk is a way for adults and children to show we care about the animals, plants, places that are vanishing. Such sadness is something we haven’t coped with on today’s scale before.
This summer Tahlequah the orca carried her dead calf at the surface for 17 days straight, prompting a deluge of grief from around the world. A strong part of grief lies in feeling helpless to prevent extinctions from happening. Studies show that even something as simple as a group walk can help build resilience when dealing with feelings of loss.

Friday November 30th.  (It may rain, but we can handle that—right?)
3:30—4:30 pm
South Chesterman Beach entrance (see map, below)