Poetry & Music

Join Tofino Poet Laureate, Heather Hendry and local musician, Rory Henderson for an evening of live music and poetry readings.

You are invited to Monks Point for live music and poetry. This is a cozy living room style event, so dress comfortable, and bring your own reusable mug for tea. There will be readings by local poets, so please email tofinopoetlaureate@gmail.com if you would like to read a poem or two.

There is no parking on-site, so please walk, bike or get dropped off at the gate. If you require assistance and need a ride up the hill, please contact Karen khabib@tofino.ca and we can coordinate.

Date and Time: Friday, March 23, 2023 from 6PM-8PM

Location: Monks Point Park

RSVP: Poetry & Music at Monks Point, Tofino Tickets, Fri, 24 Feb 2023 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite

National Poetry Month Day 12

Nanaimo Poet Laureate Tina Biello takes the 2019 theme of “Nature” to the sacred realm of death, decay and decomposition with this poem about the unseen and underappreciated work of maggots. This poem was published in ‘Playing into Silence’ Caitlin Press, 2018

Tina Biello is a poet and a playwright and teaches mask work for performance to youth. Her poems have appeared in chapbook anthologies edited by Patrick Lane, since 2008. Her first full length book of poems with Leaf Press, ‘In the Bone Cracks of the Walls’, was published in Spring 2014. Her second book came out in 2015 with Guernica Editions, ‘A Housecoat Remains’. Her third collection is ‘Playing into Silence’ with Caitlin Press. She is the current Poet Laureate for Nanaimo 2017-2020.

National Poetry Month Day 10

Contemplate Impermanence, and celebrate the 2019 theme of “nature,” with this evocative poem by Christine Smart of Salt Spring Island.

Impermanence is reprinted here from Chris’s collection“decked and dancing” Hedgerow Press, 2006. Her second collection, “The White Crow” was also published by Hedgerow Press in 2013.
You can find Christine’s poems in the periodicals Grain, CV2, Other Voices and Northlight Poetry Review, UK, as well as numerous anthologies.