National Poetry Month, Final Poem

It’s hard to believe that April has come to an end! Thank you to the many poets whose words touched so many readers. And thank you to Sherry Marr for helping with the comments on the website. Given that Day One’s poem was by the late Pat Lowther, it seems only fitting that the series should close with this poem by Kate Braid, dedicated to none other than Christine Lowther, Pat’s daughter.

This time last year Kate and I shared readings in Victoria and on Galiano Island. At the time Kate was launching her latest volume of poetry, Elemental, published by Caitlin Press. This poem is from Elemental. It is a rich reflection of the 2019 theme, Nature.

Photo © Joanna Streetly

Kate Braid has written, co-written, edited and co-edited 14 books of non-fiction and prize-winning poetry, most recently Elemental, from which these poems are taken.  For 15 years she worked as a construction carpenter and the elements she worked with – water, fire, earth, air and of course, wood – are the chapters of this book.