National Poetry Month, Day 25

Before the weather warms up completely and the feel of winter’s chill vanishes from your sensory lexicon, follow Janice Lore on her flight into northern Clayoquot Sound, “a long way from anywhere.”

Photo © Joanna Streetly

Janice Lore is a member of the Clayoquot Writers Group and enjoys the challenge of performance poetry. She makes books to showcase her poetry and is interested in collaborating with other artists. All of this is coming together in an exhibition of her handmade books later this year.

Janice’s partner is a pilot and when she first moved to Tofino, she was sometimes invited to tag along with him as he flew around Clayoquot Sound.
“It was a spectacular introduction to the west coast,” Janice writes, “and when I close my eyes I still visualize the sound and the wild coastline from a bird’s eye view. One Christmas in those early years, we were assigned the awesome task of fetching the oysters for the airline Christmas party. Christmas Oysters is about that memorable trip to Pretty Girl Cove.”