National Poetry Month Day 16

On Day 16 of National Poetry Month, switch seasons for a moment and take yourself back to autumn with the words of Lorne Daniel. This poem was previously published in Empty Mirror as “Island Fall”

Maple leaf imprints on fresh concrete, months after the leaves were gone.
Photo Joanna Streetly

Lorne Daniel published three books of poetry before leaving the literary world for about 20 years. He has recently returned to writing and “What Does Not Fall” is from a new book manuscript called “Preparations for the Wrong Emergency.” Lorne lives in Victoria, BC, on the unceded territories of the coast Salish people. You can find him online at

4 Comments for “National Poetry Month Day 16”


The poet has captured the feeling of autumn so well, that suspension of time, the slow fall of leaves as the season inches its way along. I especially love the closing lines, reminding us those plates are moving, too, and we must “savour what does not fall”. A very beautiful poem.