National Poetry Day in Tofino

Celebrate Tofino on National Poetry Day! Ask for these books at your local book store, or the library.

New Power, by Christine Lowther, has been described
as a lost childhood in poetry. If you don’t already have a copy,
you are missing out!
(Broken Jaw Press)
Christine Lowther’s poems “come from the edges of polite society,
of the ocean storm, where unexpected things happen,
where changes occur; with a foot planted on each side
she has become a keen observer, a wise voice.”
Leaf Press
Janice Lore’s writing has appeared in various anthologies
and literary magazines, and on CBC radio.
Her poetry chapbook, Ipsissima Verba (Latin meaning “the very words”),
is a “found” poem about math, philosophy, definitions
and a middle-aged woman’s life. It has also been
scripted and performed.
Leaf Press.
Sherry Blue Sky chose the name Stardreaming
“because of a lifetime love affair with the daytime and night-time skies . . .
so much beauty and mystery, so much that is unknown,
and bigger than we can begin to grasp.”
This Dark by Joanna Streetly is a collection of coastal haiku
paired with original linocuts by Marion Syme.
Postelsia Press