Inauguration Flashmob

When Citizen Dan Law became Councillor Dan Law without having being read The Inauguration Poem, I was aghast! This error would have to be fixed ASAP. With a gang of concerned Inauguration Poem People and a town crier (in the form of Janice Lore, wielding a real Swiss cow bell,) we knocked on unsuspecting citizen Dan Law’s door and made sure his inauguration was officially completed.

L—R Tofino Poet Laureate Joanna Streetly, Councillor-in-the-final-stages-of-inauguration Dan Law, Ava Law, Annalea Law, Molly Law. Present but not in photo: Photographer Helen Mavoa, Videographer Jan Brubacher & Vanya Law
Hear ye! Hear ye! Town crier Janice Lore reads proclamation to the unsuspecting citizen Dan Law. Joanna Streetly looks on. Photograph by Helen Mavoa.
Councillor Dan Law receives his copy of The Inauguration Poem