Day 3 National Poetry Month

Words and image by Cendrine Marrouat

Thanks to Cendrine Marrouat for this Day Three NPM19 submission.
Cendrine is a French-born Canadian photographer, poet, author, and French instructor living in Winnipeg. She specializes in nature, black-and-white and closeup images.
Cendrine has released 12 books in several genres: poetry, photography, theatre, and social media. Her latest is titled Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) 

10 Comments for “Day 3 National Poetry Month”


Oh this is so beautiful, both haiku and image. Just wonderful!


I have been very lazy these past few years, not visiting many blogs…after my mother passed over 4 yrs ago, life slowed down for some reason. I am so glad curiosity got the best of me. You are so talented!! On my bucket list I have decent camera before I retire so I can take better photos of what I see. My iphone does a better job than my old canon automatic mais bon, there are times I just wish I could draw the beauty of l’ordinaire sometimes. But I shall some day. In the meantime, my art is in my words …well, as best I can.

I look forward to exploring more on your blog and checking out your books as well. You certainly have chosen one of the coldest provinces to settle in Canada too 🙂 Here I am complaining of our Quebec winters [ smiles].


Thanks for your lovely comment, Cheryl-Lynn. My condolences on the loss of your mother. A camera is a wonderful way to capture moments of beauty… is poetry.


Hello Cheryl-Lynn,

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. My deepest condolescences on the loss of your mother.

I’m not sure who you are talking to in your comment, but I will tell you this: You don’t need expensive gear to take good photos. As a professional photographer, I know what I am talking about. When I visited Syria in 2009, I had a point-and-shoot camera. I sold photos of my trip for a long time. The shots are still among people’s favorites.

We had a long and terrible winter this year! More than a month at -25! But I know Québec was hit hard as well.

Feel free to visit my website and say hi. I love to connect with fellow poets and read their work!